Monday, August 4, 2008

It's My Birthday Today!

Today is my birthday and my lovely wife drew this pictures. The male pig is me and the female pig is my wife. I guess she really like pig as they are suppose to be cute. Both of the pigs shown above love each other, just like we do. Anyway, I notice an error by my wife. She wrote 3.12.08 whereas it should be 3.8.08 as the date when this sketch was drawn.

I am a bit nervous to face my birthday now as it is an indication I'm getting older now. Somehow, a year just pass like a flying arrow.

By the way, I share the same birthday as the late Queen Mother (of British)


me, myself + mIcHeLLe said...

happy birthday~ haha.

Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

wish you happy birthday!

Colin said...

Happy Birthday, you are one year older..... :)

shawnn loo said...

Happy birthday!!

cc said...

Happy Birthday to you!

brainchild said...

You're a year wiser....Have a great day ahead on your birthday!

Meia said...

that was really sweet and cute. :)

Andrew said...

happy birthday and all the best

meatball online said...

Happy birthday! How sweet...

Falcon said...


Fernando C. Zamora said...

H - hope you have more blog posts
A - All for life's inspiration
P - Perseverance for you to go on
P - Post no ending, post more
Y - Y not? Yeah?
B - Before I forget
I - It's nice to say this to you
R - Remember my friend
T - Trust above all in God
H - Have more time for family
D - Day-in, Day Out
A - All the time, my friend
Y - You're the MAN!

Because it's your birthday! LOL

zenoED said...

hi there, birthday is a good thing, so happy birthday and many more... even on my first trip to yr blog. cheers

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