Saturday, June 2, 2012

One O One Cafe

One O One Cafe has been around Sibu for a few years now and only recently I manage to dine in it. Located at the Pahlawan road, just opposite to the recently moved Baba and Siam Cafe, the cafe is a bustling place during the weekend morning.

Another thing I notice about the cafe is that it received an "A" from the local council in term of cleanliness.

The ambience here is pretty relaxing. There ain't any air conditioner around but the presence of evenly distributed ceiling fans did a fine job to cool the place.

Some of the cafe specialties are kampua mee, laksa, tom yum, 101 bread, LK Soup, Zao Chai Hung Gan and burger.

The cafe was awarded last year with Sarawak Hornbill Tourism Award 2009/2010 for outstanding food & entertainment outlets in the cafe/bistro kopitiam category.

Zao Chai Hung Gan (RM 4.50) came in a huge bowl. The smell of it is pretty tempting. It tastes slightly different compare to any coffee shops here. Slightly more salty and more ginger goes into its preparation. The broth is also thicker and more spicy.

The serving of the Nasi Lemak Special (RM 6) here does not make it stands out compare to any nasi lemak dish in Malaysia. The only difference is in the sambal which I reckon is good and gives the overall taste a slight edge. The special option comes with fried chicken which is equally tasty.

This place actually is not an expensive place to dine by its outlook and setting as the food and drink price here are comparable with the ordinary coffee shop in town.


Henry Lee said...

haha.... the name of the shop is funny! :D

TZ said...

Looks delicious...