Sunday, May 27, 2012

Eleven Bistro & Restaurant

It's quite hard to find a restaurant within the heritage area of Malacca which serve Portuguese food. The only one I came across was Eleven Bistro & Restaurant which is conveniently a stone throw away from the Jonker Street.

The interior is tastefully decorated with modern art on the wall. The restaurant is a bit small and don't seems to be able to cater a large crowd.

Interestingly, the chopsticks here are made of metal. I hardly see metal chopsticks except in some Korean restaurants.

This appetizer is a complimentary from Eleven which consists of pickled fruits topped with ikan bilis.

Orange juice (RM 8) 

Eleven also sell foreign beer such as Leffe (RM 20). The staffs are knowledgeable in pouring the beer and I was pleased with it. Unfortunately, draught beer is not available.

The mushroom soup (RM 8) looks a bit darker than any ordinary mushroom soup but it is rich and equally tasty.

The main dish of the day is the Portuguese Special Curry Dable Chicken (RM 12). The chicken is cooked with special spices, onions, red chilli and vinegar. The taste is rather unique and goes well with the rice.

The black sauce squid (RM 12) is also equally impressive. The squid is cooked with thick soya sauce, onions and chili

The Fried Kangkung (RM 8) is not too bad either. It is fried with garlic, chili and prawn paste.

My dining experience here was not too bad. If you fancy a comfortable and nice place to dine while in
Jonker Street, this is one of the place.

Eleven Bistro & Restaurant
No. 11, Jalan Hang Lekir,


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looks pretty fancy oh! :)

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