Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sibu Pumping Station @ Sibu Central Market

The multi million ringgit flood mitigation project in Sibu has certainly changed the physical appearance of the town with the construction of a few pumping stations.

The pumping station beside the Sibu Central Market is definitely a pleasant looking station with a decent looking garden behind it. The small leisure square seems to obscure rather unpleasant look of the overhead traveling crane and other functional structures within the pumping station.

There are a total of 5 pumps here. When the water level reached 1.6m, the first pump would automatically start. The second water pump will be activated at 1.8m and the process goes on.

Each of the five pumps is capable of pumping out three cubic metres of water per second and with five pumps running simultsneously, a maximum of 15 cubic metres would be flushed out per second. 

The mighty Rejang River forms the backdrop of the pump house here. With its unique landscape and the beauty of the river, it has become a tourist attraction of sorts.

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ChrisAu said...

Wow..that's the longest river in Malaysia right?