Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Melaka Art Gallery

The Melaka Art Gallery is located just next to the Christ Church at the Dutch Square in Malacca.


The gallery displays various artworks of local and foreign artists. Entrance fee is RM 1 for adult.

I would definitely would like this painting on my wall. The gallery offers some really interesting drawings as well as sculptures. Its probably worth a visit if you got some time to kill while in the vicinity after finish visiting all the museum Malacca has to offer.

Visitors will also have a fine view of the Dutch Square from one of the window here.


yipeng said...

foongpc said...

Thanks for sharing this. I seldom visit museums unless really got nothing else to do. Haha!

Ayka | Cartridges Lexmark said...

This is the perfect place for the people with the most creative minds!

pusang kalye said...

I was in Malacca last week and I am back in the Philippines now.Been searching for additional info about Melaka when I googled your site.I was suddenly nostalgic.Lost contact with you for a while but man!It really feels good being abck here in your site.!!!!

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