Friday, June 22, 2012

Sibu Warriors Memorial Site

I never knew Sibu had a Warriors Memorial Site until the latest announcement of the memorial as one of the nine heritage site for the Sibu Heritage Trail. The Warriors Memorial together with the adjacent An-Nur Mosque are the furthest site for the Sibu Heritage Trail from the town itself at Jalan Awang Ramli Amit.

The Warriors Memorial Site is actually the final resting place for the four famous freedom fighters from Sibu, namely Rosli bin Dhoby, Awamg Ramli bin Amit, Bujang bin Suntong and Morshidi bin Sidek. during the British colonial era. Today, all the major roads in Sibu were named after all these brave warriors.

The memorial is constructed with Islamic influence with 4 concrete pillars structure with a stainless steel dome on it. The structure is actually located within the compound of the An-Nur Mosque.

There was a huge discontent among the local when the White Rajah decided to cede Sarawak to the British Crown in 1946 after the Japanese Occupation. On 3rd December 1949, Rosli Dhoby who was born in Sibu led a group code named Rukun 13 (the Black Crow Group) carried out a plan to assassinate the 2nd Governor of Sarawak, Sir Duncan George Stewart in broad daylight.

Rosli Dhoby, Morshidi Sidek, Bujang Suntong and Awang Ramli Amit were arrested and hung in Kuching on 2nd March 1950. They were then buried in the prison cemetery in Kuching. On 2nd March 1996, their remains were exhumed and brought back to this permanent resting place.


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great info..

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Good thing that the government give those freedom fighters a rally nice place for country they don't do that. They don't even remember how these people risk their lives for the betterment of the whole country.

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