Friday, October 7, 2011

Siaw Kah Restaurant @ Kajang

Kajang is famous for 2 things; Hot soup and satay. Recently, I manage to dine at Siaw Kah Restaurant at Jalan Berjaya 9, Taman Berjaya, Sungai Chua in Kajang.

The restaurant is pretty big and capable of accommodating a large crowd at a time. The restaurant appearance already gives me the impression it has been commercialized and I had my concern about the quality of the food served here.

Hot soup (RM 10) is a must while in Kajang and it was served piping hot in claypot. One can opt for pork, chicken or pork's "spare parts" to make up the ingredients of the soup.

The hot soup here is decently nice and hot (lots of pepper goes into it). I really fall in love with hot soup after tasted one about a year ago. However, the one here is not the best around and I had taste better one from a small shop, also in Kajang.

Claypot "Hua Tiao" Chicken (RM10) is cooked with thick sweet sauce. I must say I was rather disappointed as there is nothing much in its taste that make it special. Again, I tasted better "Hua Tiao" chicken from other restaurant before.

Lettuce (RM 6) cooked with oyster sauce. Vegetable cooking style is pretty standard nowadays with nothing much too differentiate between other restaurants.

All these dishes goes well if taken with a bowl of rice (RM 1.20). Overall, Siew Kah restaurant is already been commercialized and unfortunately the food quality had been compromised.


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