Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier

It's the annual Oktoberfest beer festival again and some seasonal beers for the occasion can be seen around the pubs and supermarkets lately.

I manage to get hold of Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier (RM 19.49) from Cold Storage. It used to be a seasonal beer but I read it is now made almost available all year round.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier has a rather interesting pictures on its bottles which depict the citizens of Munich enjoying the beer in 1800s background and outfit.

Paulaner Oktoberfest Bier is made of water, malted barley, hop and hop extract. It has a higher alcohol content at 6% volumes and this make it somewhat stronger than the usual lager beer.

It pours an orange amber color with perfect clarity. Head disappear quickly with almost no lacing. Malts dominate the brew, with hops bringing in a slight balance. The herbal flavors go well with the sweet malts. Clean finish and after taste.

With a hint of malty sweetness, the Paulaner Oktoberfest beer possesses the perfect balance. It's an easy to drink beer and definitely a good beer choice to enjoy during the Oktoberfest event.

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