Monday, October 3, 2011

Geographer Cafe @ Malacca

Geographer Cafe is located at Jonker Walk in the pre-war shophouse. The cafe promotes the non usage of MSG in their food and I was intrigued by such cooking method.

The restaurant has a nice setting and ambience. However, it felt very hot inside, no matter how many fans were on that evening.

The cafe has quite a collection on Titanic and this includes the general plan of the ship

One thing I like about the place is the cafe provides windows with a "Living Museum" as they keep an exciting look out for the bustling activities that pulse through the many narrow streets nearby.

Tempeh Cube (RM 2.90) which I ordered as an appetizer and snack before our main dishes arrived. Tempeh is a nutritious fermented cooked soy beans deep fried with curry powder and leaves.

Shirley Temple (RM 7.50) and cold Carlsberg draught (RM 10.50). I was actually expecting more beer options here.

Asam Pedas is the signature dish of the Malacca state and I had opt to try the Geographer's Asam Pedas (RM 13.80). It is served with rice and a little bit of tempeh.

The Asam Pedas here is hot with mild sour fish curry. It tastes pretty delicious and goes well with the rice.

Ramen Soup (RM 8.90) is equally tasty. It might not look much on the outside but don't let the appearance fool you. Its broth is simply good and that is the secret of preparing a delicious ramen. The sun dried noodle from organic flour  probably also infuse the noodle with the additional taste.

If my memory serves me correctly, I think the cafe has expanded to Puchong in IOI Boulevard recently. I am sure going to check out their other outlet to try the other menu I unable to try while in Malacca last time around.


reanaclaire said...

I saw a few shops like these in Jonkers Street but I dint go in.. Was looking for the ice cendul actually....

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Love that Titanic painting - and the food photos. Makes me VERY hungry :-P

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