Monday, October 17, 2011

Chung Wah Chicken Rice Balls

There are basically 2 shops in Malacca which are famous for their Chicken Rice Balls and one of them is Chung Wah Coffee Shop.

The shop is located at the entrance of Jonker Street, just next to the Tan Kim Seng Bridge.

The traditional Chinese name plate hanging above an arch which imply that the shop might had been run for generations.

This place is usually crowded during lunch time and I manage to get here before lunch time (before 12pm) where the traffic was still manageable.

The place is small but clean with white marble tables and wooden chair. It kind of have that old rustic feel while dining here.

The owner in action where the chicken been chopped. Only steamed chicken is served here, true to its Hainanese style.

As you can see the chicken serving was in a mess as if it had been chopped by an amateur butcher.The is chicken is average in taste, juicy and tender. They don't use much sesame oil and soy sauce for the chicken. The rice on the other hand is pretty good. Probably slightly better than Hoe Kee. It is safe to assume that How Kee serves better chicken whereas Chung Wah serves better rice balls.

I don't have a proper breakdown but it cost a total of RM 13.20 for 2 person (including drinks).


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