Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri @ Kajang

While I was in Kajang, I was directed by the locals to Sate Kajang Hj. Samuri at Jalan Kelab for a good satay in town.

There is a small display here which pretty much depicts the origin of the famous Hj. Samuri satay in Kajang.

The place is just like any other open air food court found in this country. When seated, someone will take the order and the customer must proceed to the cash counter after that to make the payment before food is served.

Coconut (RM 3.50) is pretty normal and pricey. I notice most of the other drink prices here are on the high side.

The Nasi Impit (1.30) comes with ketupat and cucumber. I was puzzled as to why onions was not served together here. However, they are pretty generous with the satay and chilli sauce.

I ordered rabbit (RM 2), mutton (RM 1.20), chicken (RM 0.60) and beef (RM 0.60) and I must say their satay is overrated. It tastes pretty average to me and I also wonder why their satay was so famous in the first place.

Another annoying thing is 6% government tax is imposed on the total bill. I wonder if this tax is appropriate since this is no fancy restaurant to begin with.


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nat said...

had dinner at main outlet in Kajang and it was horrible. the meat was likely mass-produced, frozen for days & never thawed properly before it was cooked. the meat was lumpy and not crispy as it should had been. the meat stucked hard on the stick and probably easier to eat a raw carrot. i regretted not going to the smaller outlets which had better reviews vs. this main outlet housed in a massive complex that can serve upwards of 1000 customers.

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