Sunday, November 21, 2010

Working at 1 Malaysia Deepavali Open House

Last Friday, on the 19th November 2010, there was a Deepavali Open House organized by the Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia at Puspanitapuri, Precinct 10, Putrajaya.

I volunteered to help in the open house and been assigned to take care of the parking for visitors coming to the open house. We were provided with a torch light, reflective vest, raincoat and umbrella.

I was put in charge of the parking lots at Zone C, some 400m from the exact venue of the open house. Its not exactly a proper parking space and it is actually just a large uneven empty field. Vehicles had to drive in through the pedestrian walkway to get into here.

One of my team mate stationed at Zone C. This is my first time as "parking attendant" and it was an experience as things start to get busy and messy after 7.30pm.

Since some of the parking spaces are quite far away from the exact venue, coaster service was provided to shuttle the visitors from the parking lots to Puspanitapuri.

It was a tiring but fun night for me. The best part of it, we get to keep all the accessories given earlier :)

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Johnny Ong said...

incl the walkie talkie???