Saturday, November 6, 2010

Erdinger Dunkel

Erdinger weissbier has been made widely available in bars and supermarket around KL lately and I manage to bought an Erdinger Dunkel in a local supermarket for RM 19.29. Definitely not a cheap price for a German Wheat beer.

I never understood why there is a dark wheat beer in the first place hence I did some research on my own. I gathered when colder season came along, the German wanted a beer with greater depth. Thus born the Dunkel version, a wheat beer with a portion of darker caramelized malts.

Erdinger Dunkel is made up of water, wheat malt, barley malt, roasted malt, hops and yeast. The Dunkel has a higher alcohol content then its Hefe counterpart at 5.6%

It pours to a dark brown with reddish hues and formed quite a head which dissipate quickly.

The citrus and banana flavour are hardly noticeable in Erdinger Dunkel. It has the sweet malt roasts and a hint of yeast. It is not too heavy and pleasant to drink. It is drinkable but not the best I have tested.

I am unable to comprehend German language but I believe the manufacturer claimed Erdinger Dunkel was brewed with aromatic hops but this is virtually nonexistent when I took a sip at the beer. Probably a bigger dose of aromatic hops are required to bring out the best of this beer.


wenn said...

if only my husband sees this..

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