Friday, November 5, 2010

Siti Khadijah Market

One of the must see place while in Kota Bharu is an octagonal building in the centre of the town which houses a very colourful and active market every day.

Siti Khadijah market is a place that sells various types of foods as well as necessity goods.

The market will start its operations from early 7am until 6pm. What make the market become unique is the view of the market if it is seen from the upper floor.

The market has a transparent roof top which allows natural light to pass through to brighten the central interior concourse of the market

Most of the traders here are monopolized by women. The market is named after Prophet Muhammad's enterpreneurial wife.

On the ground floor, fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fishes are sold here. What an experience just to browse around the market.

On the first floor, one can source for spices, keropok, dodol and etc. Visitors will be spoil with choices and the friendly traders will approach visitors to convince them to buy their products.

This is one of their delicacies called "Sambal Daging". It is a dry food where the meat is cook with special spices. Definitely worth buying home as it can lasts up to 6 months.

I not too sure whether Dinar and Dirham currency are used here but there is a signboard inside the market which shows the exchange rate in relation to Ringgit Malaysia

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J_on_tour said...

Always good to see some real life of food markets when travelling.