Saturday, March 20, 2010

Transformers Energon: Wing Saber

Wing Saber is originally a humble Cybertronian prison guard known as Wing Dagger in the Energon series. Wing Dagger was rebuilt by Primus after crushed below Energon Tower as Wing Saber.

The packaging by Hasbro is compact. The package indicates that Wing Saber is capable to combine with Optimus Prime.

The package comes with Wing Saber and 2 missiles.

Wing Saber alternate mode is a Cybertronian Fighter Jet. I think it has some resemblance to Stealth Bomber on earth.

The fighter jet is heavily armoured with laser cannons

There is nothing much to say about Wing Saber's robot mode. It is pretty stiff without much articulation.

Wing Saber do not have a rifle but it has a built in weapon around his knee area

He served as a valiant warrior in Prime's team and he is one of the Autobot with an air based alternate mode.

Wing Saber can powerlinx with Optimus Prime to form Wing Convoy. They can combine in 2 modes.

First, they can combine in flight mode. This mode gives Optimus Prime more air maneuverability to match the speed of Megatron/Galvatron.

Optimus Prime has a moderate fire power in flight mode.

The second mode of combination is the fight mode which gives Optimus Prime an enormous fire power against his enemy.

When combining his weapon in fight mode with Prime Forces, the combined fire power is capable to defeat the almost impenetrable Galvatron armour.

Wing Convoy size is about the same as Megatron in robot mode.

Wing Saber bio data according to Hasbro. Wing Saber is obviously heavily armoured and blessed with incredible speed to assist Optimus Prime in his conquest to defeat the Decepticons

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