Friday, March 5, 2010

Putrajaya Sentral

Putrajaya Sentral serves as the transportation hub for Putrajaya. It is located at Precinct 7 and is nowhere near the core district.

The station is moderate in size and the concourse area is hardly congested even during peak hour. Its interior is always clean but not cooled with any air conditional.

From Putrajaya Sentral, one can see some of the government administration buildings in Precinct 2. It could be a 40 minutes walk from here to reach there.

There is an information counter inside the station to assist tourists who arrive here via bus or KLIA Transit.

The most busy part of the station is the bus terminal, located just below the station. This is the main hub for Nadi Putra and Rapid KL. There are a few Rapid KL buses here that connect Putrajaya with KL (E1), Serdang (U42), Cyberjaya (U423) and Bandar Utama-Puchong-Kelana Jaya (U43).

Several long distant buses such as Transnasional and Plusliner also operated from here to selected towns and cities such as Kuantan, Kota Bharu, Kuala Terengganu, Johor Bahru, Melaka, Ipoh, Alor Setar and Penang

Taxi station, just opposite the bus terminal operate 24 hours. From here, one will need to purchased the coupon from the counter to use the taxi.

KLIA Transit also stops here and operate on average every 30 minutes. Fare to KLIA is RM6.20 and RM9.50 to KL Sentral. This is another busy place after working hour and Friday evening.

Putrajaya Sentral also suppose to be the hub for the proposed Putrajaya Monorail but it was eventually scrapped, probably due to lack of fund or the population in the core district has not reached the required figure.


Bananazക said...

Great info of Putrajaya thanks for your two posts. So close and yet so far. See we take things for granted thinking 'ah so near next time only go' kind of thoughts. Just like my cousin in UK have been staying there for donkey years and not visited Europe thinking so near why worry until migrated to Australia and due to tight schedule no chance to visit even to France. That would be too expensive now to fly from Melbourne to Europe.tQ

WanWan said...

hahaha.. agree with Bananaz.. we tend not to visit the same places we stay..

Putrajaya & Cyberjaya is quite nice in the decor.. but not realistic on the layout for future.. i can say it will FAIL in near future.. unable to cope the crowd..

Cath J said...

Great info.. me myself never know abt this...hihihi

SJB said...

Nice one..

HenRy LeE ® said...

never been to the sentral there but its so nice and clean... just went to the pasar tani at putrajaya last night... not bad lar :)

the donG said...

i actually thought it's an airport! nice. so clean

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