Thursday, March 4, 2010

Moving Around Putrajaya

Sightseeing in Putrajaya definitely pose a challenge for those who are without wheels and rely heavily on public transportation.

Putrajaya area is mainly served by a bus company called Nadi Putra. All the buses operated by them run on natural gas for a cleaner environment.

The bus is fully air conditioned and pretty comfortable. Most of the time the bus will not reach its full capacity except during early morning and after working hour (Monday to Friday) when the buses ferry most of the government servants from their home to the offices.

Bus fare here is pretty cheap and cost a flat RM0.50 for any single trip regardless of the distance traveled. One will need to prepare an exact fare or the company will not return any change for excess fee you pay. There is no ticket, just put the coins into a box and the bus driver will give you a receipt.

For more convenience, the company do sell monthly pass at RM17. It is way much easier to use. Just flash this card to the bus driver and you are ready for any journey. There is no need for coins and you can take unlimited ride. The pass is only sold from 26th to 7th every month and can be purchased from Putrajaya Sentral (integrated bus and train station) from 8am-9pm except for public holiday. One will need to show some identification when purchasing this card.

Taking bus here can be confusing for first timer. So, check the bus routes which are displayed in almost all the major bus stops and Putrajaya Sentral. Nadi Putra has a very comprehensive coverage of Putrajaya area and will bring passengers to the core district and all the attractions here. The bus frequency differs from area to area but on average it is about every 20-30 minutes.


SJB said...

wah..50cen?. so cheap.

ChrisAu said...

I like's so clean, quiet and nice. However, it also can be a ghost town at night.

HenRy LeE ® said...

nothing much to see there... just go to alamanda.. haha

CH Voon said...

seldom go to putrajaya... if not because of work, i will never go there... as what ChrisAu said: it is ghost town at night!

June (An Asian Traveler) said...

So, there's a public bus in Putrajaya. When we went there, we had a private tour set up with a local tour agency.

reanaclaire said...

I have not taken the town bus for many years now... the only time i took was when i was in singapore and that too, my son would looked for the directions.. i m blur blur already.. :)

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