Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Brickfields in a Glance

Brickfields was never the same again after KL Sentral station completed some years ago. It has evolved from a residential to a commercial extension of downtown Kuala Lumpur. This area is also known as KL's Little India due to the high precentage of Indian residents and businesses.

I always have an impression that Brickfields is an unsafe place to hang around. However, the presence of the police force and their mobile station vehicle here round the clock kind of give an assurance to the visitors.

Brickfields is also the home to many religious structures. The worship temples for the Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and Christian can be found here.

The Sri Kandaswamy Temple located at Jalan Scott which showcase Tamil architecture.

The Three Teachings Chinese Temple on Jalan Thambypillai

Food is never an issue here. There are Malay, Chinese and Indian food here available almost round the clock.

Brickfields also seems to be the home for the blinds. One will see more blind people here than anywhere else in KL. Most of the blind here offer traditional massage.

There are many hotels which made their presence here in the last few years with the more luxurious hotel like the Hotel Sentral and Hotel Summer View (both looks like a 3 star hotel)

Budget hotels are plenty here such as Mexico Hotel (Rm 100), Lido Hotel, De Sentral Hotel (RM 60) and Florida Hotel.

Another new hotel with a competitive promotional rate (RM 98) is the My Hotel @ Sentral

YMCA hostel is also within vicinity which might offer a cheaper accommodation here. Brickfields is famous for its brothels which can be found mainly along the hotels stretch in Jalan Thambypillai.

New clinics and supermarket also been established here, making it an ideal base for those who wish to use Brickfields as a base to explore KL.

It is predicted that Brickfields will be more vibrant in the near future due to the expansion project of the current KL Sentral.


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Good one..

ChrisAu said...

I used to frequent Brickfields when I was in KL in the 90s, for my project work where I interview the late Monk, Dhammananda, of the Buddhist temple nearby. I also love the bak kut teh stall there, not sure if it's still exist.

Borneo Falcon said...

ChrisAu: I do see a bak kut teh stall operated in a restaurant there now.

Ketam said...

The YMCA building is the famous place in the 90's

Jessie said...

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