Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hartz Chicken Buffet

It has been quite sometime now since I last visited Hartz Chicken Buffet. I used to go to their outlet in Berjaya Times Square only to find out the outlet there had been closed. Hence, the only outlet available around this area is at Sunway Pyramid.

The price definitely had increased over the past few years. I remember it used to cost RM14++, then 16++ and 19++. I was a bit surprised with its current price. It will cost RM24++ net if one is to dine here.

The outlet here in Sunway Pyramid also seems to gone through some transformation as I don't recall it looks something like this in the past.

A lot of funny and wise words can be found around the walls here. I actually enjoy reading them.

The main attraction here is of course the chicken. They comes in all style; fry, grill and etc. It is also served with onion rings, bun and chips.

Soup of the day and non carbonated drink

Western food such as pasta and salad. I particularly like their coleslaw.

Apart from western food, eastern food is also served here, mainly the Chinese stir fry dishes

Fruits are limited to pineapple, watermelon and honey dew only

Dessert in the form of cakes. I believe there is an ice cream machine too but I didn't bother to try.

Honestly, I am quite disappointed with Hartz Chicken nowadays. Its quality definitely had dropped and the choice of food also been slightly reduced. On the positive side, the outlet still provide a balanced diet at an acceptable cost


Medie007 said...

it used to have a branch in summit subang too. :)

TZ said...

hahaha... i know someone who loves this place so much. :p

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

RM 24 ++?. Mmmmm maybe not bad for buffet.

Cindy said...

My hubby loves chicken! I must go n try!

escape said...

i cant help but focus on the structures of the background. i love structures of that type.

great angle!

ain said...

i am keep looking any blogs are post the entry about chicken hartz n i found you de latest one!

is it rm24 ++..perghh..
last i went here,10 years ago and the price is only half of it.

but,still wanna go there...where is located actually?they had been move their restaurant is it?see,very long time i didnt go here.

Anonymous said...

went there on 2weeks of raya on 8th of Sept 2011..relocated nearby the theme park entrance for the 3rd times since opening 0n 1997

Anonymous said...

The outlet in Sunway Pyramid has aged much and lacks proper maintenance; it's old-looking, laminated floors are peeling off and covered in dark stains with duct-tapes on some areas. Design, decoration, furnishing and lighting are very poor. Its atmosphere is dull and depressing. In terms of ambiance it's 1 star out of 5.

The restaurant is not very clean. We found a piece of very, very dry chicken bone on our seat.

Food is of low quality. The only thing worth having is the various styles of fried/roast chicken. Salad, soup and other dishes are very unappetizing.

Food presentation is extremely poor, and some (local) dishes look and taste like they have been cooked by household maids in a rush.

Plates, bowls, glasses and cups are all made of plastic and full of scratches and dark stains.

With their current pricing of RM30, it's definitely, absolutely, positively NOT worth it; unless you can eat around 8 pieces of chicken all by yourself (based on RM 3.50/piece of chicken).

The dessert choices are pathetic and the steamed cakes have hard texture; they look and taste like those sold on roadside stalls.

Point is, it's not worth trying at all. I paid RM 19.90 and still regret going coz there was really nothing special for the price.

As I said earlier, try this only if you can eat tons of chicken. If not, try something else. This place has nothing to offer except their chicken (last I tried in Feb 2012, 3 types of fried chicken and 1 roasted chicken).

To be fair, the chicken (fried+roasted) was quite good, served hot and crispy, and always refilled. Their staff was friendly and quick to clear dirty dishes from the table.