Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Petroleum Museum

The Petroleum Museum is located at Canada Hill in Miri. One can actually walk here from the city centre if one is fit enough to negotiate the stiff climb. One will be rewarded with the scenic view of the city while on the way up. Otherwise, it is just a short drive from Miri city.

The museum visiting hour is from 9am to 4.30pm. Admission is free.

Just outside the museum, is the first oil well in Malaysia with the nick name "the Grand Old Lady".

The museum adopt an interactive oriented concept which enable the visitors to interact with the devices. However, most of the interactive devices here are malfunction and not been restored to its operational condition.

The history details of petroleum in Miri and Sarawak can be found here. It is interesting to see how Miri grew from a small town to the city status today since the discovery of the petroleum in the early 1900s.

Explanation of the origin of petroleum and how it was formed million of years ago

The safety procedures of the employees at the offshore oil platform are well illustrated here.

One of the gallery in the museum offer a pleasant view of Miri City from Canada Hill

The museum is colourfully decorated and I'm sure the children will be enjoying themselves here.

A model size and details of the offshore oil platform. One will have a better picture of the location of the accommodation areas, working stations, muster station, helipad, lifeboats and etc from this model.

Some of the actual drilling devices used in the past are on display here. Bear in mind this devices are made of durable materials.

In a nutshell, the Petroleum Museum in Miri is worth a visit. The museum management should start to repair and maintain those interactive devices as I was disappointed not able to experience some of it as they were already malfunction during my visit.


Superman said...

Visited that place last year but only outside but not inside. Thanks for the photos so I will no need to go in to visit it already. I think you already cover most part of it.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Miri is lucky to have discovered petroleum.

escape said...

anazing! i think there's none like that here in the philippines.

mhel said...

I like the model size of the offshore oil platform. Too bad some of the interactive displays seem to be not working at all.

Unknown said...

cute museum!! its so colorful.. kids will enjoy coming to that place ;)

renaye said...

i have never even been into KLCC's science outlet!

foongpc said...

Interesting, but too bad those interactive machines malfunction! looks like not many visitors otherwise they will repair them, right?

William said...

Nice pictures! You are right, most exhibits are no longer working.

Rublyee said...

I only been there once when it is just opened. Everything was all right that time, after that I heard that they started to ask for entrance fee. Now it seems to be free again.