Sunday, July 19, 2009

Apacs Aero-Flight 700 Shuttlecock Review

Apacs brand had been around for sometime now and I recently received a few samples from Singapore to test. Many thanks to my friend, Simon Foo from Jmet for supplying this shuttlecock for me to sample.

The Apacs Aero-Flight 700 shuttlecock is one of the approved shuttlecock by the BWF. This information can be found in their website. The sticker at the base of the shuttlecock clearly indicate a BWF logo. This is the first time I came across a shuttlecock with the BWF logo.

First impression of the shuttle is good. Feathers found to be sturdy. I have not seen this shuttlecock been sold here but a search in reveals it will cost around SGD24 per tube.

It was a different story when it was played in a 15 points system with intermediate skill. At 13-All, the shuttlecock suddenly gave up. The shuttlecock actually stops at mid air after been smashed and dropped vertically! Note original shape of the shuttlecock also had been compromised in the photo. For the record, there was no sign of deterioration on the feathers before this freak incident.

To ensure the consistency of the result, I try another shuttlecock and this is the end result after one set. It is no longer playable for the second set

Having said that, the shuttlecock still performed well during our play. Good trajectory and consistent speed before it gave up. I was indeed surprised by its durability as I would have thought it can last up to the 2nd game.


I AM A BLOGGER said...

ooo, a good review on shuttlecock^^

renaye said...

wow. i didn't know shuttlecock also has 'technology'. i was thinking of using plastic. :)

Anonymous said...

At SGD24, the quality is good enough for typical adults practise. Never tried that before but it looks good. Maybe can by a tube to try. Anyway, I tried Li Ning's shuttle. It's sold at SGD36 and a bit overpricey for the quality, which is ok.

Anonymous said...


I just started to use the shuttle cock and found it to be durable as we normally play 21 points new system. The only problem with the shuttle is it became slow after some time playing it