Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival 2009 Grand Finale

The annual Borneo Cultural Festival had officially closed the curtain on 11th July 2009.

Even though most locals here think the festival was getting boring each year, the venue was still fully packed on the final day.

Finding a parking space was a nightmare and I had to park my car at Ngiu Kee supermarket.

Over the period of the festival, I get to see many pretty girls with their sexy dresses. A perfect place to "wash" the eyes.

This was a dance called "1Malaysia through A Thousand steps" by IPGM Batu Lintang Campus

I manage to take a photo with my Chinese zodiac, the goat/ram.

Chinese chess been played at the Chinese community area

There is a lot of room for improvement and let's hope the organiser will step up and be more creative and innovative next year as I believe some of the local folks here start to get sick and tired with programmes which more or less the same since 2002


xsigns said...

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You are either too daring to test the patience of your dear wife or you are just hoping that she won't see this post about you washing your eyes.

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eric said...

hey, not enough pics for the wash eye part..

Johnny Ong said...

wash eyes????? hehehe

Benedict said...

Chang Yee, you reserved all the eyes washer to yourself yah as I could not see any sexy eyes washer ler :D Btw do they have cultural / traditional performance too like from the iban, bidayuh apart from the 1Msia?

Bengbeng said...

washing the eyes? i think a bette rphrase would b straining the eyes hahahaha

JL said...

Cool, too bad I couldn't be there.

foongpc said...

So it's getting boring? Well, the organiser better think of something more interesting next year! But then, people are still coming in droves, right?

Borneo Falcon said...

Benedict, they had all sort of traditional dances from Malay/Melanau, Iban and Bidayuh during the 9 days duration of the festival

VictorKiu said...

that's the reason why i like to hanging around in BCF. Hahahs. ^_^

Tita Beng said...

All the Japanese food looks really yummy!

jam said...

Ya, the festival is getting boring year after year.

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