Friday, July 10, 2009

Food Hunt at Borneo Cultural Festival 2009

Borneo Cultural Festival is probably a good place to hunt for food from different races and ethnics in Sarawak.

At the Dayak community area, Pansuh (rice and meat cooked in bamboo stem) and barbeque chicken wing can be found rather easily. One can enjoy these food at the stall with nice cold beer (which cost at RM 5 a can).

The handicraft and musical instrument decoration from the Iban tribes are also available here

I also happen to come across this beautiful cotton candy stand at the Dayak community area.

Chinese community offers a wide variety of food. Some of the food can only be found once a year here.

A lot of discount and promotion on beauty products are available here.

Children will also have an opportunity for photo shooting with the Chinese zodiacs.

Some Chinese martial art shows were also been showcased at Chuan Corridor. I'm quite impressed with these old ladies with their sword handling skill.

Some cultural performance and dances were held in the main stage like this "Kuntau" (Iban Martial Art) show

I think this show is called "Ngalu Temuai" performed by Sri Wangsa school


Kikey Loo said...

i always love to visit festival :)

Anonymous said...

this is fun to visit =)

Willie said...

Nice one. I wish i can join the fun!

Xjion89 said...

Quite an interesting event! Oh, how i wish i could go ^^

Bengbeng said...

oh, you were there with us that night. i met somebody i thought might be you but of coz we couldnt b sure so didnt approach you.

Johnny Ong said...

wld have liked to be there to grab those marvellous food ... yummy

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