Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Buy Malaysian Expo @ Sibu

Buy Malaysian Expo was recently launched nationwide and Sibu was one of the selected town for the event.

The expo was held in Sibu Trade and Exhibition Centre from 26-28th June 2009

The purpose of the campaign is to encourage Malaysian to buy made in Malaysia product. This is to prevent the nation's inflation rate from keep rising.

The grandstand at the trade and exhibition centre where the official ceremony and singing performance were held.

National brand cars (Proton and Perodua) and motorcycles (Modenas and Demak) were on display and sale here with great discount. What I would like to see here is the sell of electric or hybrid vehicle which are more environmental friendly and petrol saving.

Federal Government booths. A few ministries set up their booths here and some useful information and knowledge can be found here.

Some of the Malaysia made products sold here were clothes, furniture, souvenirs, food, drinks, health product, flowers, plant and etc.

Here are some of the drawings by the children to raise the awareness of the public


lifesignx said...

Nice coverage borneo falcon. I just hope they put more effort into this kind of expo instead of just recycling what they have every year.

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Josephine said...

Buatan malaysia? reliable or not?

escape said...

looks like it's gonna be another exciting event in malaysia. i still wish i can go to kota kianbalu.

Borneo Falcon said...

I still believe in Made In Malaysia products than those Made in China

mhel said...

I like to visit this kind of event where I can check out new projects.

Johnny Ong said...

its good to have such expo as it will help local companies to gain more businesses and contacts