Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rocket Parachute Flare

Rocket Parachute Flare is one of the safety equipment carried onboard any vessels worldwide. It is used in the event of emergency to provide a simple bright flare which is fired to a height of at least 300 metres and which burns (usually red flare) while falling, the descent being controlled by a parachute.

Comet, a company based in Germany is one of the leading brand in producing quality rocket parachute flare.

To use it is rather simple. First, remove the screw cap which will reveal a ball underneath.

Hold the rocket at angle of 90 degree over the head and pull the ignition cord to fire the distress signal to the air.

However, the expired unit (it has usually a validity of 3 years after is was manufactured) has been misused by the Sibu folks for sometime now. Most of the time it is used as part of the "fireworks" during Chinese New Year celebration and etc. If one see a bright red flare descending from the sky at a slow rate, that is actually a distress signal from this equipment.

The rocket parachute flare can also be a deadly and formidable weapon as been used by the mafia here occasionally (wonder how they got hold of it in the first place) to threaten someone. A direct hit to a house will probably burn it down (I have heard a lot of near miss stories already). A hit to a human body would be fatal.


KianHinish said...

Hmm....maybe we can use this for self protection against Mat Rempit and snatch thief...haha!!

Superman said...

Can lit during CNY? Hehe.

Lawstude said...

i never tried to use one yet. hopefully, i won't have to but indeed it is very useful in cases of emergency.

Willie said...

Mafia can get anything they want, They even control the Police. Any cases involving mafia is usually unresolved or case close.

wenn said...


kenwooi said...

wah.. why didnt demo in video?
would love to see it! =D

Borneo Falcon said...

Don't dare to try. Expired unit has unpredictable outcome. It might backfired.

Anonymous said...

how many minutes in the sky if we use rocket parachute flare??

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