Friday, September 18, 2009


Paris is the paragon of style-perhaps the most captivating city in Europe. Yet, it is still not my favourite city in Europe

Arc de Triomphe is Napolean's homage to the armies of France and himself. It is located at the centre of place Charles de-Gaulle where traffic from the twelve avenues leading into it meets in a heart stopping display of horn blaring and near misses. I had to stand at the centre of the traffic to capture the perfect angle of the Arc de Triomphe.

The best view of Paris is from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Avenues Des Champs Elysees from the top of the Arc

La Defense from the top of the Arc

The 19th century church of Sacre Coeur can be seen from a distance from the Arc

The Louvre was first opened to the public in 1793 during the Revolution and within decade Napolean had made it the largest art collection on earth with the takings from his empire. It's still a vast collection, numbingly so in fact, and it requires heroic stamina to trawl through the artworks. In fact, it is estimated that one would need at least 2 months to cover everything exhibited in detail.

Entrance to this massive museum is by the way of I.M. Pei's stunning glass pyramid, opened in 1989 to anti modernist controversy but now a beloved landmark. The Mona Lisa is the painting most people head for here.

Though no conventional beauty, Eiffel Tower is nonetheless an amazing structure, standing at 300m the tallest building in the world when it was completed in 1889 by Gustave Eiffel

The view from top of Eiffel Tower is rewarding, especially at night

Palais de Chaillot-home to several interesting museum, taken at night from top of Eiffel Tower

The Notre Dame Cathedral begun its construction in 1160 and completed around 1245.

Hotel des Invalides was built as a home for invalided soldiers on the order of Louis XIV and topped by a distinctive gilded dome which is a real Paris landmark. One of the two churches was intended as a mausoleum for the king but now contains the mortal remains of Napolean.


Gabriel said... nice can travel to Paris. Hope i can go there one day too! just dropping by you blog. nice travelling blog! :)

SJ said...

wow.. the majestic!

ps you're invited to comment on my post too. =)

xsigns said...

superb man simply brilliant!

u sure take advantage of the places u been through man.

Superman said...

Your pictures make me think of Da Vinci code.

Willie said...

Whalla! beutifula! Wish I could go there someday. All these while, I just look at the photos that my wife took during her study trip to Paris.

You are so lucky man! Got hooked up with any french woman there? Ahaks!

foongpc said...

I would love to visit Paris one day! So which your favourite city in Europe?

Borneo Falcon said...

Some of my favourite city in Europe are located at Eastern Europe, the former communist block like Prague, Budapest and Krakow

reanaclaire said...

wow BF: u went to Paris too? great man! i havent been to europe yet, only london and scotland, hoping to go one day.. hoping and hoping..

wenn said...

would love to visit Paris one day..

eunice said...

I've been here before! i enjoyed Paris!

the spool artist said...

paris is such an amazing city... but like any other amazing city, its either you personally love it or hate it... too bad it isn't your fave city!

Johnny Ong said...

can really see that u did manage to travel extensively while you weree pursuing yr courses in england

reanaclaire said...

wow..i wish i can go one day too.. one of my dream trips...

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