Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bintangor Catholic Church

The most beautiful church in Bintangor town must be the Catholic Church, which is just a few meters away from Kai Nguong Methodist Church.

One of the unique features of the church is the 3 tower spires which had the statue Mary Mother, Joseph and Jesus

This is the main entrance to the church. The church was completed on 21st November 1993.

A major project is ongoing at the church area. A beautiful garden is in the pipeline and I'm certain it will be another landmark for this town.

A bell tower at the edge of the garden. Somehow all the bell structures in this town still functioning.

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel which was established in 1983 is located adjacent to the main church building.

This structure, next to the chapel is probably the original Catholic Church before the main church was constructed.


wenn said...

wow, unique architectural structures..

mhel said...

I'm glad to know there's a Catholic Church in Bentangor. :)