Thursday, September 17, 2009

Hand Flare

Hand flare is another marine distress signal designed to be capable to be use in a survival craft without harm to the occupants. The signal will emit a red light of at least 15, 000 candela for a minimum period of one minute. This type of pyrotechnic is used to attract the attention of passing ships and aircraft and is particularly effective at night. The flare is held up into the air in the direction of the ship or aircraft and as clear as possible from the survival craft.

Although specifications very slightly according to makers, every specifications ensures simple handling and safe firing

Comet is one of the leading makers in marine hand flare. Recently, their new design has a unique, telescopic handle which allows easy extension for safe operation and save space in stowage.

First, pull the flare out of grip tube until engaged (where a "click" should be heard)

Unscrew the cap to reveal the ignition cord. To activate it, pull the ignition cord. Hold the flare at the end of grip while burning

Like the Rocket Parachute Flare, some Sibu folks misuse the expired hand flare (it has 3 years validity after been manufactured) as part of the "fireworks" during Chinese New Year. However, the usage of this unit is much more safer and less likely to cause any unwanted incident


Benedict Chow said...

using the emergency hand flare as firework? Wow, I envy Sibu folks for such a cool privilege ;)

Superman said...

Some gangsters even use it to attack people's house with that. Dangerous stuff.

Josephine said...

but it still look scary to me although u said it is safer...

kenwooi said...

again.. no demo.. =(

foongpc said...

This handflare sure comes in handy when getting lost in the sea!

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