Monday, June 15, 2009

Kent's Kitchen

Recently we been to Kent's Kitchen again to have a dinner. It gave us a good impression on our first visit and we decide to try some of their other dishes. Kent's Kitchen is located at the new Sibu bus terminal, directly opposite the Everwin supermarket.

I ordered Purple Dragon (RM 6) as my drink. It is made up of dragon fruit, soursop and wheatgrass

This is the end result of the Purple Dragon after been stirred thoroughly. It is mostly predominantly purple in colour. One able to taste the sweetness from the wheatgrass and the sour taste from the soursop. Nice drink.

Potatoes Salad (RM 4.50). Initially I ordered potatoes salad with bacon but they ran out of bacon. This salad is made mostly of eggs and potatoes mix together with salad sauce. Quite delicious.

Sirloin steak (RM 28). Cooked medium with black pepper sauce. One can opt for mushroom sauce as well. Thumbs up for the main and the side dishes.

This is Assam Lamb Shank (RM 32). We actually waited for 30 minutes for this dish to come out. They add some twist to it by topping it with Malay style spicy gravy. It is really something new for us and it tastes really good. I wish they had garnish it with some side dishes such as salad, coleslaw or chips.

Kent's Kitchen also serve Chinese food which appear to be equally delicious as can be seen from other tables that night


Anonymous said...

haha even if you dont say its delicious.. by the look at it.. i say they're delicious.. =D

foongpc said...

Great food! I like that dragon fruit + soursop + wheatgrass drink!

Btw, I've got an award for you : )

Josephine said...

Purple Dragon sound and look cool...

Benedict said...

Assam Lamb Shank?! This is pretty creative dish... and the dragon fruit + wheatgrass + soursoup cocktail is mind boggling too. Not sure is the dishes on the expensive side though.

Johnny Ong said...

first time lah ....... assam lamb shank ?!?!?!?!??!?!??!
if i do see such a dish in kl, i dont think i'll order it

An Asian Traveler said...

Hmm, I'd like to try that Purple Dragon. We don't have it here in the Philippines.

the donG said...

i like the name purple dragon. high marketing startegyic name.

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