Friday, June 12, 2009

Bintulu Town

Bintulu is about 207km from Sibu. The town basically boom rapidly with the discovery of large reserves of natural gas offshore Bintulu in 1969.

The town is best explored on foot. I had a hard time looking for the town map in the internet before making my trip. I manage to get hold a map from the hotel where we stay and I decided to upload here for future reference to anyone interested to visit this town.

Main Bazaar Road

The town wharf express and ferry terminal are located along Main Bazaar Road. One can catch a boat from here to get across the Kemena River to Kampung Jepak.

Kemena River with Kampung Jepak at the background.

Bintulu Promenade also located at Main Bazaar Road. Fun Fair stalls were set up at this area

A Chinese temple can be spotted opposite the Bintulu Promenade

This is probably the only sex shop in the town. Located at Li Hua Plaza at Main Bazaar Road

Kepple Road

Abang Galau Road

City Point Shopping Centre. This used to be the only and biggest shopping complex for the town. It houses the one and only cineplex in the town. I read from wikitravel that it is also the oldest cineplex in Malaysia

Its port area at Tanjung Kidurong, about 30km from the town hosts the world's largest liquefied natural gas production facility on a single site.

Bintulu port administration building is definitely one of its kind. Situated at Tanjung Kidurong

Cherry blossom trees were in full bloom when I was there last week. Most of this tree can be found along the road to Tanjung Kidurong. This is also the first time I see so many cherry blossom anywhere in Sarawak

While in Bintulu town, I also spot the smallest barber shop I ever come across at Abang Galau Road, between City Point shopping Complex and Regency Plaza Hotel.

Another thing I like about Bintulu is that almost all its road had a motorcycle/bicycle lane. This is quite an interesting finding as I can't find such arrangement anywhere in Sarawak. I wish I had my bicycle here so I can explore beyond the town in an environmental friendly way.


Johnny Ong said...

heard a lot of bintulu from many colleagues who went there for the mlng3 project

Angel said...

Wow! That's my hometown, buddy!=) Lol.. It's amazing that you actually knew Bintulu had motorcyle/bicycle lane because I had no idea about dat! Lol.. I am surprised you didn't mention about Parkcity Mall or the beach though.. =P

Borneo Falcon said...

More post about Bintulu coming soon next week

foongpc said...

The oldest cineplex in Malaysia is in Bintulu? Didn't know that!

Ciela said...

That's another attractive place, the Bintulu Town. Beautiful place to see.

Anonymous said...

i've never been to east malaysia..
but you pics are tempting me to go there...
its simple.. but somehow i bet it'll feel good to be there =)