Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Photo Shoot from Penang Anchorage

While at anchorage area, the surrounding views are equally stunning. I can see both Penang Island and the mainland

This merchant ship belongs to my friend from Chong Fui Shipping

Penang Bridge

Butterworth also can be seen from here. Mostly can be seen are the port areas in Butterworth. Most of the time in my previous trips to Penang, I will be staying at Butterworth as I need to get to the port area.

Able to spot some rubbish at the sea. There are also jelly fish at the sea.

The colouful and iconic Penang Ferry, connecting Butterworth at the mainland and Penang Island

Some shots at the Penang Island side. I can see my hotel (Sunway Hotel Georgetown) from the anchorage area


Kikey Loo said...

nice photos..

i took ferry a lot, when I was study in university. :)

amycheah said...

nice photos la but then spoil by the "rubbish" ...wakakaka

Nanaybelen said...

oww.. how long is the bridge? looks like a golden gate bridge
nice photos.

TNH said...

the rubbish look like a land..maybe someday in the future..

Borneo Falcon said...

The total length of the bridge is 13.5km, the longest bridge in Malaysia (and perhaps South East Asia)

TZ said...

I usually took Ferry to go back to the Island from Kulim... it was a breathtaking 15 mins ride on the Ferry :-)

Very sad to see the rubbish floating on such a nice blue sea... Sigh!

Anonymous said...

I love the ferry ride from mainland to Penang island. It's a great view!

shawnn loo said...

Hey, nice pic on the view.... ^_^

Jason Law said...

you stepped in my territory ! Hahah... that's great to travel to different states~

the spool artist said...

wow, ive heard so many great thnigs about penang and butterworth. it's great to see them form a different perspective - through a ship!

reanaclaire said...

hey.. i m going to penang this weekend... nice shots u have there.. hehe..

Anonymous said...

On my last trip in Penang I stay on Chew Jetty for a week from 18June 09 to 25 June 09.No words can say more BETTER than staying in Citi.Htl.In the evening after dinner I can relex myself overlooking the sea ,ships and Penang Bridge.I be back in Nov.26 again to stay in Chew Jetty.
Anyon interested get details via my e-mail limjohn@yahoo.com.sg.
Happy holiday in Penang

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