Friday, December 26, 2008

Kent's Kitchen

I went to Kent's Kitchen with my wife for Christmas Eve Dinner. It's a new restaurant, replacing Panzer Restaurant which once occupied the same space. Kent's Kitchen is located at Jalan Palawan, near the Sibu bus terminal (opposite Everwin Supermarket)

For X'mas eve, they don't serve ala carte. Basically, there are 3 options, kids menu, menu A and B. We opt for Menu B (RM58) and share it as we been told the portion for the main dish was huge.

Before dinner was served, I tour around the restaurant to see their interior design. They have very interesting drawings hanging on the wall. There are basically 2 sections here, the air conditoned section and the Al Fresco (outdoor) style section with the view of the Everwin Supermarket.

Each tables are decorated with this fake flower. Initially I thought it is real!

Sparkling Apple Juice (RM5.50 on ala carte menu). Taste really good. I believe this is a mixture of the apple juice with sparkling water.

This salad is quite unique and it is called Cambodia Salad. One had a choice of chicken or seafood to come with it. We opt for seafood. My wife said this is the best salad she tasted so far.

Then the main dish, the mixed grill (with 3 choices, we chose Chicken, lamb and beef). The main dish came with black pepper and mushroom sauce. I have to say, the chicken (fatty and uncooked) and beef (tough and uncooked) are a letdown but I will give a thumb up for the lamb.

The crystal honeydew as dessert. It is basically a concoction of melted vanilla ice cream with honey dew. This dessert taste really good and is also a signature dish at Paramount Hotel.

The restaurant counter really need some fine tune as the layout is a bit similar to the normal "kopitiam" here.

Anyway, Kent's Kitchen is worth a visit with some interesting menu and ambience.


Kikey Loo said...

would like to try crystal honeydew, look good.

Anonymous said...

The dinner looks good. Guess you have a great xmas eve!!

Annoymous said...

hmm, it doesnt look appealing after you say the chicken is tough and i though the sauce should be on the meat already.. Hmm quite the diff

Lisa said...

i've always love honeydew drink
how is it? nice?

Anonymous said...

My wife & I bumped into Borneo and his wife that night.
I agreed the salad tasted pretty nice. Perhaps one of the best in Sibu town. But i disagree the chicken tasted below par. I thought it was pretty tender and nicely done?
Anyway, I enjoyed the ambiance at the start but we left quite soon after seeing the crowd flocking in at the latter stages.We got a movie to catch also. Too bad didn;t take a pic with Borneo & his wife..hahaa..maybe next time.


acura said...

A belated Merry Christmas to you Borneo

shawnn loo said...

I totally was attracted by just the food's appearance... ^_^

GingGoy said...

happy holidays!