Sunday, September 28, 2008

Guide to top up ez-Link Card

The most simple way to travel around Singapore is using its efficient public transport. Hence, it makes sense to invest in TransitLink ez-link Card which stored-value card for use on the MRT, LRT and buses. The ez-link Card can be purchased at the ticket offices at all MRT stations and bus interchanges for SGD15. The card is worth for rides up to SGD7 and can be topped up at ticket kiosk when the value run low. Best of all, the card will be valid for 5 years duration and can be returned at the end of the trip, SGD3 is refundable. Although the remaining SGD5 is a non refundable administration charge.

Both MRT and buses use the so called contactless "smartcard" system, aimed at speeding up queue lines. To use ez-link Card, flash or tap it on electronic readers mounted at the bus entrances and entry turnstiles of MRT stations. When one arrive at the destination, flash the card at the exit reader and the remaining value on the card can be viewed from the reader.

To top up the value of the ex-Link Card, one must approach the ticketing kiosk which can be found in most MRT station. I notice some of the features of the kiosk is slightly different from station to station but the principle is about the same. This is the kiosk at Chinatown MRT station. First in "Select Option", click "Add Value"

Then insert the ezLink Card in the machine slot. I notice in City Hall MRT station, there is no slot. Just a platform where you can just put the card on it.

After the card is inserted, the current value will be shown on the screen. Minimum top up value is SGD10. Press "OK"and it will prompt you on which options you prefer to top up (there are only 2 options, "NETS" or "CASH"). In this case, I had clicked "cash"

Next, just insert the note into machine and the top up process is done and the ez-Link card will popped out from the machine.

The MRT stations is also a work of art with different station had its own design and features. This is taken from Chinatown MRT station. Chinese words can be seen everywhere.

This is taken from Dhoby Ghaunt MRT Station. There are a lot of interesting murals at this station.

Overall Singapore MRT stations are user friendly, comfortable and easy to navigate around. I believe the design and concept of Singapore MRT stations are similar to those of London Underground. I just hope some of the ticketing officers could be a bit more friendlier.


Johnny Ong said...

singapore's transportation is world class ........ u wont get lost even if u are a first timer there.

in kl, even a kl folk will get lost and confused

pusangkalye said...

the MRT of Singapore is really very efficient and convinient. It's underground in the financial district area, and above ground is some areas. When it is above ground, the view is really great. I love the way they blended the tress with all the infrastructure. When it is underground, the stations are really huge like Dhoby Gaut.....hope I got the spelling ayt.

cc said...

i really like the MRT system over there, super convenient!

I AM A BLOGGER said...

wow, Singapore's MRT is just art and transport all together. (^^)

Borneo Falcon said...

Indeed. Singapore MRT system remind me a lot about London Underground

TH said...

great pics, like your blog. Keep up good work. will come kuching next month!!