Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bazaar Ramadan

It is fasting month for the muslim all over the world. In Malaysia, almost every town or city had a Bazaar Ramadan. Here in Sibu, the Bazaar Ramadan is located at the town square, Phase II

Most of the stalls here are selling food but there is 1 or 2 stalls selling traditional Malay clothes

The condition of the venues had not improved over the years. Things just got worse after rain. I wonder why the local council did not improve things for so many years.

The bazaar is crowded, especially during the weekend, with people from all races and religion throng the place

Kacang putih/kuda is sold here for RM1 a cup. This pea sized nut is soft and nice to munch on

Kebab also widely sold here at RM2.50 each. However, the best kebab in town is not sold here (I will show where is the best kebab in my future post)

Ayam Pansuh is also seen been sold here. The pansuh is a mixture of rice, chicken and herbs, cooked in a bamboo stick for the taste.

Roti canai is widely sold here. Murtabak Daging (RM2) and Roti Kosong (3 for RM2)

Grilled chicken and fish are widely available here. For first timer, try the ikan terubok

Satay (Marinated meat pierced through a stick) can be found in some stalls at RM2 for 5 sticks. However, I am dissapointed with the satay as it is not as I expected. It doesn't taste as it used to be.

Rojak Tambi (RM2.50) sold here is another dissapointment. Again did not meet my expectation. The best rojak tambi in town is "Rojak Udin" who did not make his appearance in the bazaar this year. Maybe he is busy operating his business at the town coffee shop.

Colourful drinks are plenty here. I didn't buy any this year. They put a lot of ice into it.

Grill fish, sting ray and squid are available here.

Stalls selling traditional cakes, kuih, noodles, curries, rendang and etc.

Overall, I feel the quality of the foods here had dropped. I wonder whether it had something to do with the rising cost of the raw material. I also hope the condition of the bazaar to be improved by the local council to make a visit there more comfortable.


Kikey Loo said...

i miss satay!! :)

Johnny Ong said...

rajeurojak tambi - first time reading this words

I AM A BLOGGER said...

really a food central! yup, i guess u rite, they need to improve the condition there! Anyhow, the food looks tasty(^^)

Geek @ Kedai.TV said...

ada kambing golek tak??

azrin @ www.azrin.net

Borneo Falcon said...

Rojak Tambi - They used satay sauce rather than the conventional rojak sauce

I didn't saw kambing golek, or maybe I had overlook it

De0 GaNdAra WiBaWa said...

happy fasting day for all muslim in the world

Forgetful Princess said...

Feel like going back to Malaysia..lolz..food is making me hungry :D

Taher said...

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