Friday, September 5, 2008

After Three Kopitiam

After I finished my assignment in Kuching last week, I been brought by my colleague to After Three Kopitiam for lunch. It is located at Jalan Pandungan, just opposite the HSBC Bank.

The interior is comfortable and reminiscent of traditional Chinese coffee shop with some modern touch to it. One can opt to stay indoor (which is air conditioned) or outdoor for fresh air. By the way, the area is Wifi zone. So, one can get online here. The restaurant usually crowded during lunch hour.

For drink, I ordered Air Ular Peng (cold snake water). It is not really snake origin. I have no idea where the name originated but the drink is believed to have body cooling property. (RM 1.80)

My colleague was having Cold Honey Chrysanthemum (RM2.20)

We ordered fish maw soup (RM10). They put a lot of pepper into it.

For vegetables, it was midin with garlic (RM 8). The way this restaurant cook is a bit plain. Didn't taste the garlic flavor. Could have done better. Midin is a local wild fern. A must try delicacy if one visit to Sarawak

We also try Butter Prawn (RM15). Satisfactory although not outstanding. Anyway, a bowl of rice cost RM 1 here.

Overall, the experience is satisfactory. Nice place to chill out and have a quick lunch or meal.


cc said...

The atmosphere looks good!
I wonder why the restaurant is called '三口饭' in Chinese.

Kikey Loo said...

the foods look good!
never been to east Msia yet...

p/s: gonna link u up in my blog :)

Reanaclaire said...

hey, actually, what is yr name? and where actually are u staying? perhaps one day i fly over from IPOH to pay u a visit... now with airasia..anyone can fly ma.. can?

CJ said...

it's a pity those in the peninsular dont get to try midin. it's so damn nice. and nobody in the peninsular can cook a decent pot of sarawak laksa as well. what a pity.

daniel said...

That's a nice and tasty looking midin. Darn, being a Kuching people, I don't even know that there's this After Three Kopitiam. ==

Me said...

Yummy, look delicious!

Johnny Ong said...

this type of cafe trend is picking up in m'sia, east m'sia too

nyoman said...

oic, so kopitiam is located there. i thot it was at SG de

Luen said...

After 3 is actually my uncle's

The Banquet is also a nice restaurant . Try it!