Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mysterious Sunday

My father read in the newspaper that eggs will be able to stand still upright on the 5th day of the fifth month of the Chinese calender exactly at 1200, which also coincide with the Dragon Boat Festival, last Sunday. So, my father did this little experiment on a flat surface outside the house (it got to be outdoor, not indoor).

I almost can't believe my eyes when the egg actually stand still upright. There is no tricks to this. It stays upright for a few minutes after 1200 before it collapsed as it should have.

I can never find an explanation to this phenomena. It is said it got something to do sun alignment, those sort of thing.

After this, I had to go to my mother in law house for lunch. My sister in law baby boy was there also. This cute baby boy is called Hou Hou. He is about 2 months old now.

This is me holding the baby. I never hold a baby before but it do feels good.

I really want to have a baby in next few years but with the scary cost of living now, I really don't know whether I can afford one. What will be the challenges this future generation be facing?

Anyway, it's lunch time and here were the dishes cooked by them. Delicious!


elezend said...

They allow you to rebate on Income Tax if you have kids

I've never tried making an egg stand before (I'm too occupied with eating zhong zi or maybe reading mangas)

Ron Jerem Lee said...

spooky !!!

got any myth saying what time break the egg will get $$ fall out from it ah?


Belen said...

don't be afraid of having a baby now.I think it is better now, while young and strong to work for your baby

elezend said...


The person who succeeded in making the egg stand will have a year of luck

Johnny Ong said...

didnt try the egg stunt either.

on the worries abt having a baby, go for it and you'll know how to plan by then. people tend to comfortable with where they are right now but when time comes to adjust, they can do so

Borneo Falcon said...

belen & Johnny are experience parents. Thanks for the advice. elezend, let's see whether luck will come next year. Who knows, a new member of the family might emerge.

Forever HL said...

haha....egg stands up straight?how to do that? @@~
having a baby sure is very fun! coz babies are cute! ^^

Mei-Wah said...

huh! i really didn't know that the egg can stand at 1200 on dumpling day! it's so fascinating... thanks for sharing...

elezend said...


Kids are cute unless you count the fact that it cries, pees, shits anytime it wants to plus you need to change their diapers

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