Thursday, June 12, 2008

Borneo Cultural Festival is back!

The annual Borneo Culture Festival will be back this month from 27 June -5 July. The venue will be the same as every year, the Sibu town square (see my previous post). One will able to see this promotion banner around the airport and the bus terminal road here. Sad to say, there is no website to promote this event. Wonder what are those local politician buffoon are thinking. They talk about promoting the event, tourism and etc. but lack of effective promotion.

Anyway, I been reading for this year Borneo Culture Festival, there will be exhibition (mostly product, painting, photos and etc), cultural dance, cultural night, souvenir stall and food stalls (lots and lots of them). There will be also some foreign group from Singapore, Korea, Taiwan and China (maybe even more) coming to perform their cultural dance. In the past the town square will be usually crowded, mostly by the locals rather than foreigners.

In the town square, next to the horse statue (see my previous post) there is this marble signboard, written in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Japanese and Chinese. The content did not make any sense to me. I never heard anything called Fort Brooke around here nor I read it in any history book. There is not even a fort remain here.

A survey around the town square shows that preparation for the Borneo Culture festival is ongoing with tents and stages been set up.

The town square phase 2 is still the same after so many years. It looks more like gravel trap in the Formula 1 circuit. Stalls and exhibition will be held at this venue. It might not be a pleasant walk with so many stones. It just got worse when it rained. I just wonder why the local municipal council just don't tar it or something.


elezend said...

Sibu sure changed a lot compared to the last time I visited there (Before I was 10)

Forever HL said...

i've never been to Sibu before..... T_T
anyway, is the festival fun?^^

Borneo Falcon said...

If one is interested in culture show, then it is fun. There will be cultural show every night at all the 4 stages. There will be a lot of food stalls from different races. There also be exhibition where companies will try to market their product. It's quite happening.

Falcon said...

Cultural exhibition in four stages..thats seems fun...

Johnny Ong said...

phase 2 - money allocated was used for something else? hehe

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