Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chinese Book Fair

Last night we went to Chinese Book Exhibition at Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre, off Island Road.

Let's first have a look at the venue. It was previously a godown, which the port used to store their cargo. Note that the port area is just next to the Sibu Trade & Exhibition Centre

The traces of the existence of the venue as cargo storage area still imminent as the floor is still of cement and yellow lines inside it. Well, they spent millions of Ringgit refurbish this place but still it don't look like a proper exhibition centre.

We were first greeted by this signboard. Apparently the book fair is organized by a book shop from Kuala Lumpur.

All the books are in Chinese. hardly any English books around. I can't read chinese. So, I just browse through. Most of the books are from China

Some stamps are also for sale. Most from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Only a handful currency up for sale. Only Indonesian Rupiah available

There is a crystal counter selling crystals, crystal tree and accessories

Some funky product also on sale like this air moisturizer, claimed by the salesman

Also on sale is the Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp. I have one of this about 4 years now.

Marble tables are also for sale. The calligraphy and drawing at the background are also for sale.

Products from China are also available such as tea and biscuit. Smell a bit strange from a distance though. Maybe it just don't suit my taste buds.

Drawings painted by artist from China are sold as low as RM88.

The fair will be here until 7th July if I was not mistaken. So, do make a move if anyone is interested.


Zooropa said...

Huh those paintings put together like carpets there selling@RM88.00 considered cheap? Painted by someone well known? This "book fair" selling everything like garage sale! hehehe...


薰衣草燕子 said...

I hava a salt Crystal Lamp!but i dunno what is the function.haha

elezend said...

@lavender swallow

It is to deionize the air so that the air can be "cleaner" and healthier

Nice Book Exhibition but I'm not a Chinese Book readers =)

Borneo Falcon said...

I agree with the paintings and the garage sell appearance

Andrew said...

I chanced upon a chinese cultural exhibition selling ceramics, vases and sculptures when I was in Sibu. Wanted to get a nice 'fu lu shou' set but it as way overpriced at RM288. My wife almost argued with the salesperson because of this but i stopped her. :D