Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Putrajaya Recreational Airstrip

I believe not many people would realize that there is an airstrip within Putrajaya itself. It's location is quite hidden from the general public.

The airstrip is located at Presint 6 not far away from the swimming pool complex. Even by the look of the entrance also won't suggest there is an airstrip behind it.

The airstrip was probably well known for hosting the Red Bull Air Race for a few years before the pandemic hit. 

The airstrip itself is about 650m in length, probably suitable for Twin Otter and smaller aircraft to land & take off.

Due to the lack of activities since early last year, vegetation started to make its way into the airstrip.

Runway number 21/03 at both end of the airstrip. I believe most aircraft will take off from runway 03 and land at runway 21.

Helipad is also available at the turnaround area for the aircraft. It will probably take another 2-3 years before recreational activities be allowed back here again. 

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