Saturday, August 14, 2021

Oscar Titan Safety Shoes

Wearing safety shoes is never comfortable especially those cheaper model. As my current safety shoes started to deteriorate, a new replacement is required. Among the criteria I am looking for are the shoes ought to be comfortable and obtained the approval from the Department of Occupational Safety and Health. In order to support the local industry, the shoes would preferably be made locally too.

My search end up with Oscar Titan Model 125. It ticks all my criteria (except for the comfort level) and cost RM220. This would be the first time I try this brand and a safety shoes which cost more than RM200.

During this partial lockdown scenario where most shops are still close, the only option is to purchase it online. Hence, I did not get the chance to try it on my foot before making the purchase.

The Titan series shoes are made of cow leather and model 125 is brown in colour. According to the specification, it has all the standard safety features such as oil resistant, acid resistant, heat resistant, nail penetration resistant and good grip

One of the main reason I choose this model is because it has composite toe cap which can withstand 200 Joules. The normal safety shoes will have a metal toe cap and this is not airport friendly when passing through the metal detector. This model will make my air travel more seamless without the need to take it off when passing through the metal detector.

Another added feature to the shoes is the reflective threads used in way of shoe lace guide.

The cleaning and maintenance instruction are written at the back of the box. There are other information too displayed here if the owner of the shoes are interested to read.

The packaging also has the Sirim & DOSH sticker as required under the Factory and Machinery Act 1967 for approved personal protective equipment. To verify whether the model is approved, one can check at DOSH website. The shoes would have to conform to MS ISO 20345 which is the Malaysia standard for safety footwear.

I been wearing this shoes for 2 assignment and it was rather uncomfortable at the first time but my feet slowly adjusted to it during the second outing. It ain't as lightweight as the manufacturer claim but with the composite toe cap, it definitely shed a few grams off. It is still quite stiff as with any other safety shoes and don't have the flexibility which I am looking for. Overall it is still a decent safety shoes to get.

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