Sunday, August 1, 2021

24 Bottles Clima 500ml

When it comes to insulated water bottles, brands like Klean Kanteen, Hydro Flask, Yeti, Stanley and etc will come to mind until 24 Bottles caught my attention.

24 Bottles is the Italian design brand which started in 2013 and are certified B corporation. All their bottles are made in China to keep the price competitive but are designed in Bologna. One of the most distinctive feature of their bottle is the beautiful art work on the stainless steel casing.

The insulated bottle from their product is called Clima Bottle. It has a simple packaging with all its specification printed on the box.

I purchased a 500ml Clima Bottle (RM 179) with the art work "Silent Purity". It is made of double-walled 18/8 food grade stainless steel with vacuum technology. Like any other insulated bottle manufacturers, they claim their bottles can keep drinks warm for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours.

One of the reason I picked 24 Bottles as the cap is made of stainless steel and I have experience using cap which is made of plastic. The plastic cap seems to disintegrate after a prolong use. The fine particles of the plastic cap could create health hazard if continue to be used.

The 500ml Clima Bottle weighted at a respectable 272.7g. It has a rounded lip which make the drinking experience more pleasant. It is not bulky and easy to carry or placed inside a bag.

To put the bottle to test, it was filled with boiling water and sealed off immediately for the next 12 hours at room temperature. Due to its construction where the double-walled stainless steel converge at the neck, heat can be felt in way of the neck and the cap. This is how the heat was lost through radiation during the entire duration of the test. With the exception of the cap and neck, the rest of the bottle is comfortable to touch with no heat felt.

After 12 hours, I use the warm water to make myself a coffee. By the 12 hours mark, I reckoned almost 70% of the heat was already lost. The bottle should able to keep the boiling water warm for the first 6 hours. 

However, the warm water is good enough for the coffee. There was little bit of metal taste in the water but not too overwhelming.

Next is the ice test where the bottle will be filled with ice. Due to the size of the mouth, bigger sized ice cubes will not made through. As with the warm water test, the neck and the cap felt cold during the entire test duration. There was no condensation on the bottle during the ice test. 

After leaving the bottle for 24 hours at room temperature, about 70% of the ice still remained inside the bottle.

The silicon seal in way of the bottle cap can also be dismantled for effective cleaning. They also sell the bottle cap as replaceable parts.

The bottle might not be perfect in term of heat retention but I am pretty satisfy with its overall design for my every day use.

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suituapui said...

I love the blue & white one! Lovely cup and saucer you have there too!