Monday, May 5, 2014

One Last Look at LCCT

We will bid farewell to the LCCT this Friday before it is shut down permanently and shift its entire operation to klia 2. I had an opportunity to use this facility for the very last time last week and there is a mixed emotions as I had been a frequent user of this airport for the past 4 years (on average, I came here once in a fortnight).

LCCT is notoriously famous for its crowded area, lack of dining places as well as slow traffic especially during peak hour. It is quite a nightmare for visitor coming here and I have several share of experiences too especially arriving after midnight or spending a night here.

The departure hall is also poorly designed and most of the time there were hardly enough seats for departing passengers. Usually there is also a long queue at the security check points as there are only 3 screening machines operating at peak hour.

On the positive note, passengers can get a full view of the arriving and departing aircraft from the departure hall.

Walking along the pathway to board and disembark the aircraft is not a pleasant experience as I believe many passengers end up at the wrong aircraft due to the confusion and massive crowd. It also prove to be inefficient as the stewardess have to perform another identification check before boarding the aircraft.

I have no idea on the fate of the Tune Hotel @ LCCT after this Friday. I predict it might close its operation or remained open as a support hotel for the klia2.

I am glad klia2 has finally completed as it somewhat solved most of the shortcomings in LCCT. I reckon many had suffered for the past 8 years when using the poorly designed LCCT and looking for a more comfortable ride and environment at klia2.


foongpc said...

Hmm, I'm wondering about Tune Hotel too. Most likely it will be closed.

soulesscloudy said...

I stayed here two times... If it close down really wasted... Since there is new Tune hotel at KLIA2.. this one should be will close down soon