Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nu Sentral

I just realized that Nu Sentral has opened to public this month when I passed through KL Sentral. I decided to pay it a visit and see what it got to offer.

Nu Sentral is basically just beside the KL Sentral with a direct walkway adjacent to the KLIA Transit ticket counter. From what I gathered, the mall has its soft opening around end of March this year.

Its size blew me away. I believe there is about 7 or 8 floors of retail spaces here. It also offers a more comfortable environment for commuter from KL Sentral to the KL Sentral Monorail Station.

One of its distinguished features is the skylight which allow the natural light into the mall. The sky light has a modern touch to it and definitely add some aesthetic value to the new mall.

Just walk outside to the balcony, one can have a clear view of the bustling Brickfields and its surrounding skylines.

Nu Sentral houses almost every retail shops and brands normally found at other shopping malls around Klang Valley with Parkson as its main tenant.

With Nu Sentral, I guess the commuters who commute regularly via KL Sentral will now have more reason to hang around here longer.

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soulesscloudy said...

so huge... no wonder my sister keep asking me to go there....