Sunday, May 25, 2014

Concorde Inn KLIA

Concorde Inn KLIA has been functioning as a transit hotel for travelers since the establishment of the KLIA more than a decade ago. It is located in a rather isolated area surrounded by oil palm plantation.

Getting here is not a problem as free shuttle bus is available every 30 minutes from KLIA and every hour from KLIA2.

It has a huge lobby with lots of sofa for visitors to hang around comfortably. The lobby also has a souvenir shop and real time flight departure/arrival time display from KLIA.

The superior room here is rather spacious and comfortable. My last stay here was about a decade ago and nothing much has changed except for the flat screen TV on the wall. I reckon it is time for the management to change the mattress as well as the split unit air conditioner.

The suite has a bigger area and most of this type of room has its own private balcony facing the swimming pool.

There is not much to do here except dipping in the pool or head to the spa. There is a football field, tennis court and gym for those who wish to sweat it out. Otherwise, just take a short walk to Charter Field town, just across the road where there are a few restaurants, convenience shops and even a tyre shop.

If one fancy seeing aircraft taking off and touching down, just stand at its main entrance for unrestricted view of the aircraft every few minutes or so.

Melting pot is the only restaurant available here and it is open around the clock. There will be a live band performing here every day from 8-9pm before the band retreat to the bar.

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