Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tiger Radler

Tiger Radler was inspired by the drink invented by Franz Xaver Kugler called Radler Mass. Back in June 1922, some 13,000 cyclists stop by a pub called Kugler-Alm and Franz Xaver nearly ran out of stock. In order to save the day, he mixed the beer with several thousand bottles of lemon juice and declared that this mixture was specially invented for cyclist. The new product was officially named Raddler Mass.

It has a low alcohol content (2%) and is sold at RM 7.59 here, which is about the same price with any other beers in the market.

Made with tiger beer and natural lemon juice, it pours to a naturally cloudy and almost looks like an unfiltered wheat beer. It has a fruity taste and a refreshing flavour, thanks to the lemon flavour.

It is most suitably drank on a very hot day as it is light and refreshing.

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