Tuesday, April 29, 2014

klia 2

The klia 2 will commence operation on 2nd May 2014 and fully replace the existing Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) on 9th May 2014.

The klia 2 is connected to KLIA, Salak Tinggi, Putrajaya, Bandar Tasik Selatan and KL Sentral with ERL which run on 30 minutes interval. It takes about 20 minutes ride from Putrajaya and approximately 33 minutes to this airport (KLIA Transit). The train station is a bit of a disappointment as it is not air conditioned which can make it rather uncomfortable on a hot afternoon.

The ERL connects klia 2 with KLIA and it will cost RM2 one way. I would have expect a free rail service which connects the two airports with waiting time around 10 minutes.

The new airport itself feels like a shopping complex and it definitely offer a better shopping experience compare to the LCCT and even KLIA.

Tune Hotel is just a stone throw away and there is a dedicated covered walkway to reach the hotel in a more comfortable environment.

The check in course is much bigger compare to the LCCT and passenger can check in and drop their luggage at any counter as oppose to LCCT where there are dedicated counter for a particular destination and airline.

Even the toilet looks interesting with aircraft livery on the doors.

One of the main features of klia 2 is the 300m long Skybridge which connects the domestic and international departure hall. It has 2 storeys which segregate the arrival and departure of international passengers.

Aircraft crossing underneath the Skybridge can be viewed from here. It can allows 2 aircraft (Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 only) passing through it at a time.

The departure hall here incorporates aerobridges and dedicated waiting area which enhanced passenger convenience. However the domestic departure hall is still a bit too small to my liking as I expect the passenger volume here to be heavy at peak season.

Another distinguished features of the airport is the 141.3m Air Traffic Control tower, which is the tallest ATC tower in the world.

Runway 3, is a 4km runway dedicated for the klia 2 which allows simultaneous landing and taking off with Runway 2. 


foongpc said...

Oh! I am excited about this new airport! Sure looks bigger and more spacious than LCCT! I like the idea of being able to check in at any counter : )

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