Monday, September 24, 2012

Ampang Park Shopping Centre

Ampang Park Shopping Centre holds the distinction as the first shopping centre in Malaysia. Opened in 1973, it paved ways for other future shopping centres and the shopping habits in Malaysia.

This shopping centre is now surrounded by a number of 4-5 stars hotels such as InterContinental KL, Hotel Nikko and Double Hill by Hilton, just to name a few. The Ampang Park LRT station is just right next to it.

Before there was even Bukit Bintang, I reckon this was where the local folks went for the latest fashion.

Surprisingly, the shopping complex survive the test of time, unlike any old shopping complexes around KL and Selangor. Now, it mainly specializes in Malay fashion as well as housing a few tailor shops.

This shopping complex might had lose its charm to more vibrant and modern shopping complexes nearby such as KLCC and Pavilion. However, I find this place less crowded and more pleasant to chill out.

This is a good place to get professional tailoring services as I personally got my suit made by Allen Khoo on the third floor at a competitive price.

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