Saturday, May 19, 2012

De Palma Hotel Ampang

De Palma Hotel Ampang is located just outside Kuala Lumpur border in the state of Selangor at Ampang Jaya, just off the notoriously congested Jalan Ampang.

The hotel has been around for sometime now and is probably the biggest hotel in Ampang Jaya. The lobby is spacious and the service rendered is fairly satisfactory.

The hotel is a favourite venue for government agencies and GLCs to conduct functions, events and training. Expect it to be busy from time to time.

The room looks impressive at first glance with generous area, Toshiba 42" plasma TV and pleasant sitting area. I reckon most of the rooms had just been refurbished recently.

However, not all is perfect as I had an issue with one of its single bed as it is kind of bouncy and rather uncomfortable. The pillows provided are not ideal also.

The room view is great. I had a clear view of the Petronas Twin Tower and Telekom Tower.

The main coffee house here is the Rumbia Coffee House at the ground floor. The food here is alright but I got a bit bored with the food selections after a few days over here.

The hotel is just a stone throw away from Ampang Point, one of the better and bigger shopping complex in Ampang Jaya. There ain't much to see around here beside a "Korea Town" opposite the hotel, around the One Ampang Avenue apartments.


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