Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where To Drink While In Kuah Town, Langkawi

Langkawi is blessed with cheap boozes due to its tax free status. However, it lacks in night life as well as places to drink. Here I going to showcase some places to drink while in Kuah Town. Do take note that there is no draught beer available anywhere on this island.

Probably the closest thing to a pub atmosphere is the Cappuccino House. It lookss more like a decent cafe rather than a drinking place from its facade.

The place is air conditioned inside and a bit dark to my liking. I notice I am the only non-Caucasian drinking here that night. Guess this is their favourite place to hang out. I reckon they stay open until midnight or some sort. They serve some light food too but nothing to worth mentioning here.

Beer selection is rather limited. I ordered San Miguel (RM 6) as it is hard to come by in any other part of Malaysia. Most of the patron here seems to drink Carlsberg as their first choice.

The other cheap and cheerful option to get some boozes is at any Chinese restaurants here. The down side of it is most of these restaurants will be closed by 10.30pm. I stopped by Langkawi Sunrise Seafood Restaurant for a quick drink as I notice they have some unusual choice of beer.

I don't order the normal beers such as Carlsberg, Heineken, Tiger or Guinness as I can find it easily elsewhere. I manage to negotiate my way to get 3 cans of Sapporo Beer for the price of RM 9 (normal price is RM 3.50 per can). The bottle version will be RM 4 per bottle.

My advice is buy those beers, wine or liquor in any of the duty free shops here and keep them in the refrigerator when you go back to the hotel room. It might sound silly but probably the best way to savour it on this island is from the comfort of your hotel room.