Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Decoration @ 1 Utama

I felt like something was out of sort when I stepped into 1 Utama this year as the innovative shopping centre takes on an underwater theme for its festive decorations.

The concept really deviates from the usual Christmas decorations I came across in almost other malls in KL and Selangor. Here it is all decked out in a dazzling underwater odyssey theme.

Giant clams line the Oval Concourse and the old wing, doubling as retail kiosks selling Christmas merchandise. The shells are coated in silver with glittering gold dust with "water" bubbles made up of Christmas baubles

Organza wrapped around the shells resembles seaweed while fairy lights lend magic to the sea world realm.

The idea to create Christmas winter waterland seems to delight and intrigue both adults and children.


wenn said...

It is lovely.I was there a week ago..

ruii. said...

Pretty! :)

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